Welcome to WORK in Progress Blog Site!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog site.

I am Maricel “Aecel” Elopre, a follower of God, an IT by profession, a traveler by heart and a blogger, a writer and a poet by passion.

I started to write when I was in elementary when my teacher required us to write in a diary. Back then where only pen and my diary are all I have where I started to express myself and share my thoughts. I never thought I could ever share this gift of mine back then because during that time I was just required to do so. I stopped writing after I graduated in college. But during the last year of my stay in my 2nd job wherein I learn to explore the social media site of our company that has a blog feature wherein only employees of the company can view it, not just locally but globally I started to go back into writing. I got inspired in one of the comments that I received from the first blog that I shared in my page. God made me realized that inspiring other people and sharing God’s Word should not be limited in face to face conversation because God is limitless!

Sharing some of my revelations where I realized that I have a gift to share and I can also be an instrument to inspire other people. But since I left the company already, I tried to find a way to continue the passion in writing and tadaaa!!! Hello WordPress!!! <wink!>

At first I’m not sure what to name this blog but eventually I have decided to officially name this blog as..

WORK in Progress


Because I believe that this is my current status in life. That I am (actually, I think we all are) a work-in-progress in God’s hand. Since I am an IT person allow me to compare life on how an IT in general produced a solution. Just like any other IT, God plan, build or design and develop all of us. As He knew everything before we were created He already has plans for us, a plan that is good, pleasing and perfect (Romans 12:2). And as we allow Him build us into His son’s (Jesus Christ) likeness we encounter a lot of trial and testing stage wherein we are being developed and maintained to completely be with Him eternally.

I hope everyone would not just enjoy reading but to learn and be inspired along with me as I explore this new found gift.


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