Forever Young


“I am strong now as I was when Moses sent me on that journey.”
Joshua 14:11

I always felt that my parents treat me as a kid who always need to be dictated what to do or not. I used to cover it with a reason that I am the only child in the family so I understand but it still made me feel offended especially now that I’m already 26 . Something inside my head ask me, do you really act as a mature woman? I stopped and realized, I’m not. Same when I was a kid, I don’t help my parents in household chores, I don’t even fix my own room, I spend most of my time at home watching tv, or playing games in the computer until late at night and now, what do I expect? My parents treat me as a kid because I act as one not because of any reason.

I’m one of the eldest in my cousins both in my mother and father side which reminds me of the verse in Joshua on how Caleb had been a good example to the people decade after decade. If I will stick on my attitude how will I become a good example to the people around me. Psalm 39:4 also reminds me that my time on earth is numbered and not a permanent thing. I can still be considered as young but only God can say my remaining time.

Father, as I progress today I pray Father that you will guide me and give me a responsible heart and mind. I pray Father for your grace for me to become a mature woman that you want me to be so that I will be a good example to the people around me. And as the people around me see the changes and maturity in me I pray Father that they will see you through me. I lift everything to you Father and always let Your will be done. In Jesus, mighty name I pray, Amen.


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