Handsome Heart


From my very first glance
In my neighborhood I saw you by chance
Your handsome face really caught my attention
Indeed it was admiration!

I was teenager then another infatuation again, I guess!?
To know you deeper the chance is less
And so the admiration eventually fade
Girls around you on me for sure can relate

Ten years after got a chance to say “hi”
You offer a ride though I’m kinda shy
Then you gave me a smile which is hard to resist
A nod and a little smile on my face deep inside it’s a feast!

Week after that I saw you again
But this time same old story from a far behind
In the terminal, you were about to take a ride
But you stop and went towards your side

PUVs are crossing here and there
Pedestrians are passing in front of you one way or another
One of them is an old woman carrying a baby
I saw no hesitations on you giving a hand in this old lady

Your deed is not really heroic
One of everyone’s a-must characteristic
You just made me realized that you are not just a beautiful face
But you also have that handsome heart that made me amazed!


Cab Song

cabsong♫♪Whatever you do?
I’ll be two steps behind you
Wherever you go?♫♪
I’ll be there to remind you
♫♪That it only takes a minute of your precious time to turn around, I’ll be two steps behind .♫♪

While I was on my way home this song was played though I wasn’t able to grasp the whole lyrics and I’m not really sure what’s the message of the entire song. I only heard the latter part of the song which I believe the chorus of the lyrics that just keeps on repeating until the song fades.
It feels like God is talking in each line.

1st line: WHATEVER YOU DO?
>>Normally, we are so busy with our work, studies, family, friends or simply with our lives. We have a lot of things to do that it seems one day is not enough for everything.

>>God reminds us that despite of our busy schedule, He is incomparably ALWAYS there waiting for us to talk to HIM. Why two steps? Because 1st, it’s a DECISION to make from yourself that you need and want Him and find time to talk to Him. You don’t need to spend a load or even a single centavo just to talk to Him.
2nd step is to TALK TO HIM or in short PRAY once you have decided to spend your time with Papa God this is it.. Pray does not require you to go to “church”. Remember our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). We can pray or talk to Papa God whatever, wherever or whenever we are. But take note that doesn’t mean we no longer have to attend mass or sunday service. That’s a big NO! NO!

3rd line: WHEREVER YOU GO?
>>Wherever we are God is there. God is everywhere. He can be inside or outside of our heart, it always depends on us if we allow Him to enter our lives or not. God sometimes allow things happen to help us draw into Him. I, myself is a witness on His ways and each and everyday God made me feel amazed and grateful how loving and forgiving He is.

>>Just like the famous line “God moves in mysterious ways.” God never fail to remind us in His so many ways to give His message, revelation or reminder. Remember God does not live in church alone we can experience God everywhere. God uses everything around us, whether your family, friends, relatives, or anyone whom just bump into. A thought, a billboard, a song just like this where that I almost wrote another blog, a message from a book or whatever you can think of. God is truly a resourceful God. He is a truly amazing God.

>>God does not require your whole day to pray. Isn’t it a precious time with HIM is like our time for ourselves to breath, relax or outburst all the tensions, worries and fears. We can tell everything to God wherein you cannot be judge or mock. You can cry on to Him or simply just share a story like how you share with your friends or family. We can confess and ask Him for forgiveness for our sins. Remember He is a sweet, loving and forgiving God. Let us start and/or end our day talking to Him.

HE Who Found ME


I’ve been blessed yet I become ungrateful
I’ve been full yet I become forgetful
My heart is heavy and I feel empty
I’ve been searching but I can’t find ME

When I started to become hopeless
And planned to become jobless
James reminds me
“don’t try to get out anything prematurely.” (James 1:4 MSG)

Having a heavy heart is never easy
But lifting everything to God is what He only requires me
In the book of Hebrews, He says He will never leave me
And yes He never did neither forsake me

I fell on my knees and my heart was humbled
I started to pray and forgiveness is what I mumbled
I felt a warmth embrace from my dear Creator
He is and will forever be my loving Father

Searching for myself from the very beginning
Is the reason why I found myself crying
Thank God He found me
That is when I started to love how He made me