Something About the Promise (SAP)

God never promise me to be in S.A.P.
Somehow in IT capability
In IT industry to be part
Is the seed He planted in my heart

Right even before I graduated
Data analyst is the job that He first granted
The desire never lost though I gain friends and confidence
DSI has become my second home for 2 years, more or less

Only faith is what I have when I entered Accenture
PCS was my second career where I started to venture
Humility and family in my 3years tenure
I consider my PCS experience as a milestone and fun adventure

The seed I never knew how will possibly grow
Only trust and faith which in my heart I let it flow
I seek His discernment before I actually claim
Until His perfect timing finally came

IJP* is the door that God opened for me.
I just believe in His Word and trust in Him faithfully.
Looking back on the things that I have to go through
God put everything together in which I never had a clue.

My work reminds me how faithful God is.
In every Words and all His promises.
In times at work of all pressures and stress
I’ll remind myself that my job is an answer to Something About the Promise.

*IJP or Internal Job Posting – is an internal job openings for the regular employees who are interested to move or shift from another field of career.


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