My BFFs May and Des invited me to go on Visita Iglesia* yesterday, March 24, 2016, to visit 7 churches in Manila which at first I’m hesitant because I’m a little tired from a midshift work and I would want to just stay at home and get an 8hour sleep but I still chose to go with them because I want to tour around and take this time to catch-up with them and even before I’ve been wanting to go around the City of Manila and learn and discover more about it. 

As planned we went to seven churches and take some time to pray and get a little tour around the city.

Here’s the list of 7 Churches that we visit sorted based on where we visit first and so on:

1. Santissimo Rosario Parish Church

This church is located inside the University of Sto. Tomas Campus where we also did the station of the cross which I’ll share in a separate blog. 

Groufie at the first church we visited. (L-R: Des, me and May)

2. Quiapo Church

From the name of the church itself it is located in Quiapo, Manila where I was able to buy 4 pcs. lemon worth 50pesos๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป. I was not able to get a good shot of the outside of the church because the place is also famous of having pick pocketers and just to be safe we just keep our phones inside our bag. Since the place normally has a lot of people, especially every Wednesdays and Sundays, because of the devotees of Black Nazarene the volunteers in the church already place a system on the entrance and exit of the people which I admire because the volunteers strictly imposed the system which made it more organized and lessen the chance to have stampede. 

Maybe the simplicity of this church made it more inviting to the devotees.

3. San Agustin Church

From Quiapo church ride a jeep going to San Agustin Church where we were awestruck with every single detail of this architecture. The rawness from the outside and the state of the art design in the inside especially the ceiling that just not have humongous chandeliers but a very eye captivating work-of-art.

  The classy front view of this church.

  Take a look at the ceiling this made the 3 of us say “Wow! Ang ganda!”.

4. Manila Cathedral

One of the famous church here in the Philippines would be Manila Cathedral. We were not able to get inside because the mass already started and it is full already where most of the people just watch the mass in the HD monitor outside the church. This is not my first time to visit this church but I must say I appreciate it more in the evening maybe because of the lightings.


5. Malate Church

From Manila Cathedral we went straight to Malate church which is just walking distance away since both are situated inside Intramuros. The church is not as big as the other churches that we visited but it carries its own uniqueness.

 Unable to get better picture because it’s along the street where cars are passing which is across the Rajah Sulayman Park. 

6. Shrine of Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life

This church is near SM Mall of Asia. Looks like this church is the most recently built church amongst the churches that we visited. Inside you will feel the solemnity because of the music  and the lightings.


7. Baclaran Church
This church is my most visited church because this is where my parents attend Sunday services. This is where I saw a devotees who walks in the aisle while they were all in bended knees and most of them were guys who has covered faces and wearing black shirts. 


All 7 churches has its own beauty and uniqueness just like how God created each one of us. Let us also remember that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and each one of us are part of the church. I was a Catholic then and chose to convert to be a Born Again Christian which I must say I am truly grateful because we do have one God and that is our one and only Savior Jesus which gave me a strong a foundation in my faith. Being a Christian now gave me a  wider perspective and understanding of my faith and knowing that God is everywhere I know and I choose to believe that having a personal, closer and deeper relationship with God is what truly important. Of course there are still a lot of differences in the beliefs but we still should stand firm and live with God, in God and for God alone. 

I also believe that every church that are built are for fellowship and a place where we can praise and honor God and share the truth – His Word. 

*Basically, Visita Iglesia is one of the Filipino tradition which normally being observed every Lenten Season by Catholic people where they visit 7 churches and pray.