My First Fun Run

Yesterday I joined my first fun run and I must say it was really tiring especially for someone who has no sleep and no exercise at all except for the warm up that was part of that event. Yes, it was tiring but it was fulfilling and inspiring at the same time. Fulfilling because I never realized that it wasn’t that easy until that day. There were a lot of times that I wanted to just stop and never finish the race or just do some shortcuts but during the race I had realizations that inspires me to go on and finish it. 
There are a lot of reason why I finished the race. One, is the Delivery Lead of Accenture – GSKP really inspired me. I’m on the middle of the race and I was just walking already because I was so damn tired and I saw this big man who was passing through me – And he was GSKP. I can see and feel his tiredness but he never stop running though sometimes he just walked but still he didn’t stop. He inspired me not because he was GSKP but because I really felt his determination to finish it. I told myself I will not stop and I will finish this race even if I’m just walking most of the time. 
I also saw a lot of couples running together even if the one can already go ahead and leave his/her partner, they chose to stick running together. I saw some who were really tired as well and they just walk together holding hands which I captured before I went ahead of them (bitter mode on. hahaha!)

I forgot to mentioned that I registered on this fun run because I wanted my “inaanak” Keisha to join with my friend, her mom Gudang (Godeth is her real name). And also I wanted to run with my teammates but for some personal reasons only James was able to run with us but I must say we really enjoyed it especially we got a lot of freebies from the booths after the run. And I also saw a lot of familiar faces from my previous teams and projects. 

At first I actually registered for 5k (yabang) but thank God my friend Gudang ask me to run with her for 3k so we can easily catch-up with Keisha. But Keisha ended up running for 3k because Gudang was afraid that Keisha might be lost. So we run together though I went ahead of them because I was really determined at first to get a medal but after the gun start for 3k and I was just on the first U-turn I realized it wasn’t that easy as I was already gasping and having a hard time to breath so I started to slow down and walk and saw a lot of people behind me passing and went ahead of me.
There were a lot times that we – me and Gudang with Keisha – bumped into each other since the route of the race are just doing a lot of U-turns. It push me to go finish the race so that Keisha will be inspired not to stop the race as well. I was cheering Keish whenever I got to see them in the race. I was so proud of my inaanak seeing her finish the race with Gudang and surprisingly with James (who run for 5k). I ask Manong Bantay that I will just take a picture when I saw them close to the finish line. 

I also remember this guy who is I think part of the committee who was riding a motorbike who gave a cheer to those runner who were almost near the finish line. “Go ma’am/sir, malapit na konti na lang.” He made me feel relieved that I’m close to the finish line. It helps. Honestly, after finishing the 3k race I felt the fulfillment. Sarap!!!!! 
I have a lot of realizations after my first fun run aside from it was really tiring and it was not easy to get a medal 😁. I realized that I’m not healthy anymore. I get tired easily and it’s not a good sign. I need to get fit because I am accountable for this body and I have to be fit to be able to catch up with my lifestyle and I want to be healthy for my family and the people that surrounds me. I also realized that you can inspire people even if you are not aware of it with how you live your life. Live not just for yourself but also for the people you love and surrounds you. We can help other people by simply encouraging them  but you can encourage people effortlessly by living as example.
We need to realized that we are responsible for our actions and decisions that we make. Sometimes we choose to stop and do some shortcuts because we have to finish a race but at the end of the day it is not just finishing the race anymore it’s how we finish it. 
This is my first run and it I’ll make sure that this will not be the last. This is the start of a new me.


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