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All poems in this site are written by the owner of this WORKinProgress blog site.

Romantikong Dila

sabi nila makabago na ang henerasyon
marahil nga’y sadyang ako’y natuto sa makalumang leksyon
sa isang katulad kong “nbsb”
idadaan na lang sa tula ng aking mga labi

hanggang tingin na lang ba talaga?
sa iyong pagdaan ako’y mag-aabang
sa tuwing nakakasalubong kita
ang ulo ko’y napapayuko ng sadya

kapag ika’y lumagpas na
ang ngiti ay tila hanggang langit na
minsan nahuli kitang nakatingin sa akin ng bahagya
ang puso ko’y tumalon ng hindi sinasadya

hindi ko alam kung itinadhana lang
o sadyang nagkataon lamang
na tayo’y magkitang muli sa parehong kumpanya
at nasa parehong gusali at palapag pa

sana hindi ko na lang alam pangalan mo
nang sa gayon hindi ko magawang tingnan ang profile mo
totoo ngang mahirap maging babae
kung di ka naman kilala ng iniibig mong lalake

maghihintay na lang ba
o ako’y magpapakilala na?
pagpasensiyahan mo na sadyang ako ay humahanga
kaya ako’y nakalikha ng isang mumunting tula

Man In My Dreams

I was once a sleeping princess
And you were the man in my dreams
Been waiting for the time I’ll wake up and see you
And you will become my beau

You made me cry, you made me laugh
My inspiration for more than half of my life
I really thought you were “The One”
But someOne up there is leading me to a different one

I felt like you never see me at all
Even if you were my first fall
God knows the perfect timing
You started flirting when it is no longer my thing

The sleeping princess just woke up
And noticed that you were not there
And realized that the man in my dreams
Is no longer the man in my heart

Single Walang Problema

Valentines na naman Single pa din
Single pa din kasi naghihintay pa rin
Naghihintay pa rin kasi wala pa siya
Wala pa siya, bkit nga kaya?

Marahil ay sadyang itinadhana
Itinadhana nga ba o wala lang talaga?
Wala lang talaga o dahil may hinihintay ka
May hinihintay ka, sino nga ba siya?

Sabi nila ang totoong nagmamahal naghihintay
Naghihintay at nananalig sa Kanyang gabay
Sa gabay ng Maykapal na Siyang unang nagmahal
Nagmahal ng buong-buo kaya tiwala lang at dasal

Habang naghihintay gamitin ang bawat oras
Ang bawat oras sa mga tao at bagay na mahalaga na parang walang bukas
Single walang problema dahil marami kang panahon
Malamig man ang panahon ng mga single ngayon

Malamig pero masaya,
Masaya dahil may pag-asa.
May pag-asa na makikilala pa rin kita
Sa tamang panahon sabi nga nila

Coron 2015

Day 1
It was a clear sky when we depart
Then it started to become dark
The rain starts to drop
But the weather won’t make us stop
We went through our Day 1 itinerary
We just trusted God’s arbitrary
As we were in the midst of 700 steps to Mt. Tapyas
We noticed the beautiful rainbow came to pass
Day 2
The rain is falling when we woke up
Same as Day 1 we didn’t stop
Every island we visit, the clouds became clear
We were awe with God’s creation andΒ forget our fear
On the boat, we met new friends
First, are the honeymooners who happens to be my Accenture colleagues
Second, is the guy who made our trip happy and exciting
He is one of the funniest tour guide and his name is Kuya Jing
Day 3
As the day starts, the clouds are becoming darker and darker
And the wind blows harder and harder
It seems that the rain Β will never stop dropping
And the waves of the sea keeps on swaying
But God’s power is greater than any force
Our faith and hope came from the One and only Source
Our itinerary was change from Package C to B
Which is better than what we planned initially
Last Day
Indeed, it was a rainy and a windy weather
But it was the perfect vacation ever
We had a bumpy and turbulent flight
But the enjoyment are far higher than our height
Everything may not happen according to our plan
Nevertheless, our trip was truly an adventure and fun
This vacation will not be complete
If not for my friends that no one can beat

Unfinished. Undone.

To send or not to send
The questions in my head
To trigger or not to trigger
The decisions I have to ponder

One single step everything will surely change
One big decision is something I have to gauge
A lot of questions popping in and out of my head
A bunch of things to consider while lying in my bed.

Moving forward or stepping backward are the options I have
The only prayer in my heart is to do what I love
Another option is to take a leap of faith
For the dream ever since I have but I’m so afraid to take

My heart says this might be the last
My mind says you can’t even take a grasp
Nothing will change if I won’t take a step
It will become a forever question if i will not bet

Something About the Promise (SAP)

God never promise me to be in S.A.P.
Somehow in IT capability
In IT industry to be part
Is the seed He planted in my heart

Right even before I graduated
Data analyst is the job that He first granted
The desire never lost though I gain friends and confidence
DSI has become my second home for 2 years, more or less

Only faith is what I have when I entered Accenture
PCS was my second career where I started to venture
Humility and family in my 3years tenure
I consider my PCS experience as a milestone and fun adventure

The seed I never knew how will possibly grow
Only trust and faith which in my heart I let it flow
I seek His discernment before I actually claim
Until His perfect timing finally came

IJP* is the door that God opened for me.
I just believe in His Word and trust in Him faithfully.
Looking back on the things that I have to go through
God put everything together in which I never had a clue.

My work reminds me how faithful God is.
In every Words and all His promises.
In times at work of all pressures and stress
I’ll remind myself that my job is an answer to Something About the Promise.

*IJP or Internal Job Posting – is an internal job openings for the regular employees who are interested to move or shift from another field of career.

2013: What A Journey It Has Been

2013 poem

A whole new year is about to say hello.
2013 will bid goodbye and soon forever go.
In less than two weeks another year will become part of my past.
The learnings, memories and experiences will surely last.

Today is my last day at work for the year,
I hope the end of holiday will no longer get near.
Soon I will go back to reality,
I’ll just enjoy this moment and the season’s tranquility.

It seems like this year just went by that fast.
But looking back 2013, I might say it’s a blast!
Challenges and learning that taught me a lot.
Blessings and answered prayers which I’m grateful to God.

I really don’t know what the future holds
but lifting everything to God I’m sure it’s a hundred folds.
I’m just looking forward for what tomorrow will bring.
I just hope and pray the song in my heart will soon sing.

Thank you folks who became part of my 2013.
Just like the song goes “What a journey it has been.”
I know I might not have you forever
In my heart I will leave you never.

I don’t know why
But it feels like goodbye
Maybe goodbye 2013
because I’m moving forward to 2014.