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Coron 2015

Day 1
It was a clear sky when we depart
Then it started to become dark
The rain starts to drop
But the weather won’t make us stop
We went through our Day 1 itinerary
We just trusted God’s arbitrary
As we were in the midst of 700 steps to Mt. Tapyas
We noticed the beautiful rainbow came to pass
Day 2
The rain is falling when we woke up
Same as Day 1 we didn’t stop
Every island we visit, the clouds became clear
We were awe with God’s creation and forget our fear
On the boat, we met new friends
First, are the honeymooners who happens to be my Accenture colleagues
Second, is the guy who made our trip happy and exciting
He is one of the funniest tour guide and his name is Kuya Jing
Day 3
As the day starts, the clouds are becoming darker and darker
And the wind blows harder and harder
It seems that the rain  will never stop dropping
And the waves of the sea keeps on swaying
But God’s power is greater than any force
Our faith and hope came from the One and only Source
Our itinerary was change from Package C to B
Which is better than what we planned initially
Last Day
Indeed, it was a rainy and a windy weather
But it was the perfect vacation ever
We had a bumpy and turbulent flight
But the enjoyment are far higher than our height
Everything may not happen according to our plan
Nevertheless, our trip was truly an adventure and fun
This vacation will not be complete
If not for my friends that no one can beat