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Handsome Heart


From my very first glance
In my neighborhood I saw you by chance
Your handsome face really caught my attention
Indeed it was admiration!

I was teenager then another infatuation again, I guess!?
To know you deeper the chance is less
And so the admiration eventually fade
Girls around you on me for sure can relate

Ten years after got a chance to say “hi”
You offer a ride though I’m kinda shy
Then you gave me a smile which is hard to resist
A nod and a little smile on my face deep inside it’s a feast!

Week after that I saw you again
But this time same old story from a far behind
In the terminal, you were about to take a ride
But you stop and went towards your side

PUVs are crossing here and there
Pedestrians are passing in front of you one way or another
One of them is an old woman carrying a baby
I saw no hesitations on you giving a hand in this old lady

Your deed is not really heroic
One of everyone’s a-must characteristic
You just made me realized that you are not just a beautiful face
But you also have that handsome heart that made me amazed!