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I attended the Sunday service yesterday and our Pastor shared that he and his family started to put a theme in their faith goals*. Wherein he encourage us to apply it in our own faith goals where we can think of one word that we can use as an inspiration for our faith goals for this year. Pastor A shared his theme which is the word fight, wherein he will fight for his love for God, fight to spend more quiet time with the Lord, fight to find time to date her wife once a week, etc. While he was sharing I started to think and whispered to God what word shall I use as a theme for my faith goals this year. And while Pastor A was sharing the Topic for today’s WORD the word LOVE was highlighted in the projected screen as shown in the picture. From there, I have decided to use the word “LOVE” for my faith goals this year. As it says in Mark 12:28-31, Love God with all your heart and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. This year will not just to receive love from God or people around me but to give and share God’s love to other people. 2014 is love, love, love!!! ❀

Writing my faith goals each year is one of the things that I always look forward every start of the year because I am excited for the plans God has set for me for the year and to know His purpose and revelations everyday. This is also one of the things I look forward up to the end of the year as I go back to my list of faith goals and be thankful for each on the list that are already answered and those that are not and will soon be answered.

*Faith goal is somehow like writing your new year’s resolution except that this time you will set all your plans or goals or things that you desire to happen for this year and putting faith by praying and trusting God to help you fulfill each and every goal that you have according to His will.


2013: What A Journey It Has Been

2013 poem

A whole new year is about to say hello.
2013 will bid goodbye and soon forever go.
In less than two weeks another year will become part of my past.
The learnings, memories and experiences will surely last.

Today is my last day at work for the year,
I hope the end of holiday will no longer get near.
Soon I will go back to reality,
I’ll just enjoy this moment and the season’s tranquility.

It seems like this year just went by that fast.
But looking back 2013, I might say it’s a blast!
Challenges and learning that taught me a lot.
Blessings and answered prayers which I’m grateful to God.

I really don’t know what the future holds
but lifting everything to God I’m sure it’s a hundred folds.
I’m just looking forward for what tomorrow will bring.
I just hope and pray the song in my heart will soon sing.

Thank you folks who became part of my 2013.
Just like the song goes “What a journey it has been.”
I know I might not have you forever
In my heart I will leave you never.

I don’t know why
But it feels like goodbye
Maybe goodbye 2013
because I’m moving forward to 2014.