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Aking ikukumpisal na ako’y isang lampa
Noong isang araw habang nagbibisikleta
Ako’y bumagsak at natumba
Kaya ngayon ako’y may galos at pasa pa

Parang batang umaray ng sandali
At tumayo ng nagmamadali
Sumakay ng muli
Upang ang sakit ay maikubli

Nilinis at ginamot nang ang sugat ay gumaling
Lumipas ang ilang araw tila sugat ay andyan parin
May markang pansamantalang nanatili
Nawala rin naman ng unti-unti

Parang pusong nasugatan hindi agad nabubura
Minsan nga’y buwan o taon ang sakit ay di nawawala
Sugat ay nagmamarka kahit lumipas ang panahon
Tila isang alaala di basta-basta mababaon

Panahon lang din ang kailangan
Nang ang sakit ay mawala ng tuluyan
Marahil nga ay mahirap at masakit
Sadyang may pagkakataong kailangan pagdaanan upang matuto at masagot ang mga “paano?” at “bakit?”


Love Me Or Love Me Not

Love me or love me not
No if nor but
Only black or white
No gray area on my sight

I never look for a millionaire
I just want a life to share
I don’t expect someone perfect
Just be a person who knows how to respect

I don’t need any promises
Neither an extravagant surprises
Please do me a favor
Don’t do it if you can’t make it forever

Let’s make this simple
If you make me fall
And give your all
You can have, my heart and soul

Unfinished. Undone.

To send or not to send
The questions in my head
To trigger or not to trigger
The decisions I have to ponder

One single step everything will surely change
One big decision is something I have to gauge
A lot of questions popping in and out of my head
A bunch of things to consider while lying in my bed.

Moving forward or stepping backward are the options I have
The only prayer in my heart is to do what I love
Another option is to take a leap of faith
For the dream ever since I have but I’m so afraid to take

My heart says this might be the last
My mind says you can’t even take a grasp
Nothing will change if I won’t take a step
It will become a forever question if i will not bet

Something About the Promise (SAP)

God never promise me to be in S.A.P.
Somehow in IT capability
In IT industry to be part
Is the seed He planted in my heart

Right even before I graduated
Data analyst is the job that He first granted
The desire never lost though I gain friends and confidence
DSI has become my second home for 2 years, more or less

Only faith is what I have when I entered Accenture
PCS was my second career where I started to venture
Humility and family in my 3years tenure
I consider my PCS experience as a milestone and fun adventure

The seed I never knew how will possibly grow
Only trust and faith which in my heart I let it flow
I seek His discernment before I actually claim
Until His perfect timing finally came

IJP* is the door that God opened for me.
I just believe in His Word and trust in Him faithfully.
Looking back on the things that I have to go through
God put everything together in which I never had a clue.

My work reminds me how faithful God is.
In every Words and all His promises.
In times at work of all pressures and stress
I’ll remind myself that my job is an answer to Something About the Promise.

*IJP or Internal Job Posting – is an internal job openings for the regular employees who are interested to move or shift from another field of career.

2013: What A Journey It Has Been

2013 poem

A whole new year is about to say hello.
2013 will bid goodbye and soon forever go.
In less than two weeks another year will become part of my past.
The learnings, memories and experiences will surely last.

Today is my last day at work for the year,
I hope the end of holiday will no longer get near.
Soon I will go back to reality,
I’ll just enjoy this moment and the season’s tranquility.

It seems like this year just went by that fast.
But looking back 2013, I might say it’s a blast!
Challenges and learning that taught me a lot.
Blessings and answered prayers which I’m grateful to God.

I really don’t know what the future holds
but lifting everything to God I’m sure it’s a hundred folds.
I’m just looking forward for what tomorrow will bring.
I just hope and pray the song in my heart will soon sing.

Thank you folks who became part of my 2013.
Just like the song goes “What a journey it has been.”
I know I might not have you forever
In my heart I will leave you never.

I don’t know why
But it feels like goodbye
Maybe goodbye 2013
because I’m moving forward to 2014.

Handsome Heart


From my very first glance
In my neighborhood I saw you by chance
Your handsome face really caught my attention
Indeed it was admiration!

I was teenager then another infatuation again, I guess!?
To know you deeper the chance is less
And so the admiration eventually fade
Girls around you on me for sure can relate

Ten years after got a chance to say “hi”
You offer a ride though I’m kinda shy
Then you gave me a smile which is hard to resist
A nod and a little smile on my face deep inside it’s a feast!

Week after that I saw you again
But this time same old story from a far behind
In the terminal, you were about to take a ride
But you stop and went towards your side

PUVs are crossing here and there
Pedestrians are passing in front of you one way or another
One of them is an old woman carrying a baby
I saw no hesitations on you giving a hand in this old lady

Your deed is not really heroic
One of everyone’s a-must characteristic
You just made me realized that you are not just a beautiful face
But you also have that handsome heart that made me amazed!

HE Who Found ME


I’ve been blessed yet I become ungrateful
I’ve been full yet I become forgetful
My heart is heavy and I feel empty
I’ve been searching but I can’t find ME

When I started to become hopeless
And planned to become jobless
James reminds me
“don’t try to get out anything prematurely.” (James 1:4 MSG)

Having a heavy heart is never easy
But lifting everything to God is what He only requires me
In the book of Hebrews, He says He will never leave me
And yes He never did neither forsake me

I fell on my knees and my heart was humbled
I started to pray and forgiveness is what I mumbled
I felt a warmth embrace from my dear Creator
He is and will forever be my loving Father

Searching for myself from the very beginning
Is the reason why I found myself crying
Thank God He found me
That is when I started to love how He made me