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Tattooed in Marriage

I have dreamt of myself having a tattoo in my body and God made me realized that having a tattoo is like committing in marriage. It will become a part of you. It’s permanent. You will be amazed how a beautiful art become a part of you. You will be proud and show it to the world. Probably, there will also a point in your life you will question yourself why you decided to have it or maybe you would want to change the art printed in your body but you will realize you can no longer erase it or if you will it will leave a mark that is not as beautiful as the art that you first decided to imprint in your body. But if you will learn to love the art in your body each and everyday and learn how to take care of it, it will be an art that many people will be appreciated and definitely something that will make you happy which will bring a complete joy in your heart.

Marriage is like a tattoo because it is a beautiful work of art that God created. You and your spouse will be one and become part of each other. The fact that you commit yourselves into marriage is a decision to be with that person permanently whatever your circumstances that no one can separate except God alone. Marriage is an art that each and everyday is a decision to stick to what you have committed in your vows. An art that should be taken cared of each and everyday once you started committing to it.

I am not into tattooing but I have a big respect to those who are brave enough to permanently put those artworks in their bodies. But my biggest respect for those couples who are faithful enough to stand and choose to be together for better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do they part. The art of tattooing is painful enough for everyone to see that beautiful artwork in your body just like marriage it is being work on everyday and allowing God to finish this wonderful art called MARRIAGE.