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HE Who Found ME


I’ve been blessed yet I become ungrateful
I’ve been full yet I become forgetful
My heart is heavy and I feel empty
I’ve been searching but I can’t find ME

When I started to become hopeless
And planned to become jobless
James reminds me
“don’t try to get out anything prematurely.” (James 1:4 MSG)

Having a heavy heart is never easy
But lifting everything to God is what He only requires me
In the book of Hebrews, He says He will never leave me
And yes He never did neither forsake me

I fell on my knees and my heart was humbled
I started to pray and forgiveness is what I mumbled
I felt a warmth embrace from my dear Creator
He is and will forever be my loving Father

Searching for myself from the very beginning
Is the reason why I found myself crying
Thank God He found me
That is when I started to love how He made me