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Worrying Ahead

worrying ahead

I was about to go home from work and my colleagues from the other building told me about the traffic in front of our building and so I checked it for myself. Indeed the cars are piling up. And so I decided to stay because I was worried that I might just be stranded because of the traffic. Until one of my colleagues told me if I wont leave the office, there will be no difference I will just be stranded. And so I decided to go with her and when I was about to approached the line on the taxi bay there I saw that the traffic isn’t really existing. The cars are just piling up because of the bottle neck because there is just one way going to the taxi bay line.

Sometimes we tend to worry too much of things we shouldn’t really worrying about. Eventually we realized that the things we worry too much are not really existing which makes us away from the things or people more important to us like our relationship with our friends, family and God. Sometime it preoccupies our time instead of focusing on what should we really are doing or spending time to a more valuable and important to us. When worries are on our way let us use the time to pray and talk to God who understand us always and know what future lies ahead. Let us live by faith and not by sight.